African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET)

The African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) is an economic policy institute supporting Africa’s long-term growth through transformation. It was established in 2008 by K.Y. Amoako, former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. Headquartered in Accra, ACET’s core staff of about 30 has included professionals from every sub-region of the continent plus the diaspora, augmented by a global network of seasoned business leaders and development experts.

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Centro de Estudios Económicos y Sociales (CIESS-Econométrica)

CIESS-Econométrica was created in 1985, becoming Bolivia’s oldest center for private economic research. Its main specialty is the use of quantitative methods in economic and social analysis. Over the years, CIESS-Econométrica has diversified the scope of its research to include almost all areas of the economy, such as the economics of education and health, human development, the situation of children and women, social evaluation of projects, and political economy.

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Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) – São Paulo School of Economics

Founded in 1944, FGV is a world-renowned center for quality education dedicated to promoting Brazil’s economic and social development. With eight schools, two research institutes, technical assistance projects and a publishing unit, FGV is ranked one of the Top 25 Think Tanks and Top 100 higher education institutions in the world. São Paulo School of Economics started its undergraduate courses in 2004. Before that, the undergraduate activities of FGV concentrated in the areas of public and private business administration.

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The Institute of Research of Economic Development limited (I.R.E.D)

I.R.E.D is devoted to the advancement of economic policy research and analysis, consultancy and training in Africa. The institute deals with public policy issues and also socio-economic transformation and development. IRED provide advisory and technical in these areas to governments, NGOs, donors and others. IRED also does consultancy in policy issues and other areas of economic development.

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Universidad Mayor de San Andres – Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas (IEE)

The Institute for Economic Research Institute (IEE) is part of the Faculty of Economics and Finance of the University of San Andres. Established in 1929, the institute is noted for the application of science in the analysis of the socio-economic problems of Bolivia, according the requirements of society and the university community. The IIE aims to develop a research policy analyzing national economic issues with the aim of studying, understanding and transforming reality.

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Universite de Geneve (UNIGE)

Founded in 1559 by Jean Calvin, UNIGE is dedicated to thinking, teaching, dialogue and research. With 16,000 students of more than 140 different nationalities, it is Switzerland’s second largest university. UNIGE offers more than 280 types of degrees and more than 250 Continuing Education programs covering an extremely wide variety of fields, including exact sciences, medicine, and humanities. The university ranks among the top institutions of the League of European Research.

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